Day Trip to Ghent

Ghent is a remarkable little town in Belgium that is beautiful and kid friendly. It has a more developed feel than Bruges. You will love exploring the streets and alleys until it is time to take your train to where ever you came from. On weekends the train tickets are half price!


How to get around:

The best way to get from the train station to the city center (Korenmarket) is by tram. Easy to ride on with kids, you can buy tickets at the stop while you wait and there are no ticket gates to make strolling difficult.

*Once you get to the city center the walking is the best option.



A nice way to explore Ghent is to start from St. Michael’s bridge and make your way through the city center and along the canals. The canal cruise in Ghent was incredibly enjoyable and not at all expensive. Definitely recommend!  If you have a stroller, no need to worry! During the canal cruise, the company will keep it for you at their dock!


Things to do:

Your family could easily spend the day exploring all the little alleys and soaking in the atmosphere of the city. We spent hours walking around. When our youngest decided to take his afternoon nap, we stopped along the canal and enjoyed a few local beers.



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