Top 5 Things To Do in Bruges with Kids

1. Chocolateries


Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Your kids will be stopping every few meters when they see a chocolate shop. There must be at least 50 chocolate shops in Bruges. Get a box and get an assortment.

2. Walking tour


There is a great walking tour that is free. It meets in the center of the market. Make sure to reserve a spot ahead of time. If you are lucky enough you will get Louis as your guide. He is by far the best guide we had seen in quite a while. The tour will show you all of Bruges (the city is super walk able, strollers won’t be a problem) in a fun, entertaining and informative way.


3. Waffles


Waffles for breakfast? Not in Bruges. In Belgium my kids would prefer to eat them for every meal. There are so many different varieties of toppings, you will never end up having the same one (unless you find a favorite)! I recommend the mix of chocolate and white chocolate. The  best waffles in the city is Chez Albert Waffles. Make sure to visit, you won’t regret!


4. Canal cruise


A canal cruise is a great way to also explore the city. The little boats will take you to see the city from a different perspective. Kids usually love this ride. No need to worry about your stroller, the boat company will store it for you at their deck or if there is room they will most likely put it on the boat.


5. Beer Experience Museum


Check out the Bruges Beer Experience Museum. Despite the many stairs and the hustle to get up there with the stroller it will be worth it! This museum is super interactive and the kids will be given a kids interactive version of the museum.



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