Why I created The Roaming Mom 

You don’t have to give up on the adventures of traveling the world when you have kids. There can be so much more to a family vacation than just Disney and exclusive resorts. This is why I created The Roaming Mom. Because it is entirely possible to explore the world with your family. Whether you are wanting to go off the beaten path or to check out the most visited monuments in the world, discovering destinations with kids can be super exciting. I hope this site will give you the inspiration (and information) you need to create your own memorable adventures that will be just as fun for you as for your little ones.


How I became The Roaming Mom

Hello, I am Kristen. After graduating university, I joined the United States Peace Corps and went off to Armenia. There, I ended up meeting my husband who works for the Brazilian Foreign Service. After a whirlwind romance and an amazing getaway -with a bit too much wine- in Rome, we ended up starting a family and getting married. His job then brought us to Shanghai for 3 years and we had another kid. The four of us currently live in Vancouver and who knows where we will be in a couple of years!