3 Days In Bruges Itinerary

Day 1 – Chocolateries, Old town, Beer Experience Museum

Once you are done settling in and hit the road the first thing that will catch your attention (apart from the majestic architecture of this incredible little town) will be the amazing chocolate shops. They are all delicious, choose one and treat yourself (and your kids, of course!).


Bruges is such a delightful city that during your first day you will find yourself wandering around, admiring the architecture, exploring without much of a clear direction. It is okay to do that! Just make sure to stop by the main square and check out the Bruges Beer Experience Museum. Despite the many stairs and the hustle to get up there with the stroller it will be worth it! This museum is super interactive and the kids will also enjoy.



Day 2 – Walking tour, Waffles, Canal cruise

Start your second day with this free walking tour. If you are lucky enough you will get Louis as your guide. He is by far the best guide we had seen in quite a while. The tour will show you all of Bruges (the city is super walk able, strollers won’t be a problem) in a fun, entertaining and informative way. The tour ends near the best waffles in the city – make that your excuse to pay a visit to Chez Albert Waffles. You won’t regret!


In the afternoon you can do a canal cruise (alternatively you can do that in Gent – see day 3). The little boats will take you to see the city from a different perspective. Kids usually love this ride. No need to worry about your stroller, the boat company will store it for you at their deck.

If by now you have fallen in love with Belgian beer like I have, you will want to try a couple of them at Bourgogne des Flandres Brewery. This place closes relatively early, at 6 pm, so make sure to make some afternoon time for it.

Photo from belgium.beertourism.com


Day 3 – Day trip to Ghent

After you have a coffee (or breakfast) at Li O Lait, your morning will feel much better and you will feel more prepared as you have an important decision to make: A) spend another day exploring Bruges; B) hop on a 30 minutes train ride to Ghent C) Go to the Blankenberge beach, which is also 30 minutes away.

We decided to go to Ghent. Another remarkable little town, Ghent is equally as kid friendly and beautiful, but has a more developed feel than Bruges. There, you will love exploring streets and alleys until it is time to take your train back to Bruges.



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