Top 5 Things To Do With Kids In Naples

1. Castel Nuovo


After settling in, putting on some comfortable shoes and grabbing sun lotion and a water bottle (especially during summer) head straight to Castel Nuovo. There is so much history to find out about this place and the best way to do it is definitely through one of the guided tours inside the Castle. There are a few different tours, each one focusing on a different aspect of the historical sight. Archaeological details with real preserved skeletons from centuries ago (every kid’s favorite part!), royal families that used the castle, details of its construction, Mediterranean power struggles and attempts to invade Naples, the list goes on and on. Top all of that with a visit to the Terrace where you get a panoramic view of the city (ideal for photography loving moms) and you can even see Capri Island.

*There will be stairs to the underground, but an elevator is available to get to the terrace. Strollers can be left at beginning of the tour for free.

*Use the restroom at the beginning of the tour.


2. Galleria Borbonica

Foto 2- HD (1)

This is a great place to go in the afternoon. It is always cool underground and it can be a nice break from the heat in the summer. I recommend buying tickets in advance so you know what time you are going underground and plan around the rest of your visit accordingly. Allow yourself to travel through different ages. These galleries date back from Ancient Roman times and had many different uses across the centuries. You will learn about the Bourbon dynasty, World War II and how Naples was the first city in Italy to offer resistance to Axis powers.

*There are some stairs but not many, strollers will be kept for free at the beginning of the tour.


3. Old Town


Exploring the alleys of the old town is a must-do in Naples. Previously a dirty and sketchy-looking neighborhood the city is pouring a lot of money to make the region more palpable for tourists. It hasn’t lost its authentic feels and is very cool to stroll around with many opportunities to get real gelato, Italian coffee or an Aperol Spritz after seeing some beautiful fountains and hidden churches.

*Being one of the main destinations for the thousands of tourists that arrive daily in Naples from cruises the narrow streets can feel quite crowded early in the afternoon. The later you go in the day the more comfortable it will be for you and your family to calmly walk and spend some time checking out the hundreds of cute shops selling all kinds of stuff from cheap magnets and souvenirs to nice authentic jewelry.



4. Gran Caffé Gambrinus


Having breakfast at Gran Caffe Gambrinus will be the best way to start your day. If you haven’t heard, coffee shops in Italy charge less at the bar than if you were to sit down at at a table. Do it like the locals and grab coffee and one of their delicious pastries at the bar – it will be 50% cheaper. This place is a MUST when in Naples.


5. Mennella Il Gelato


As the afternoon approaches make sure to walk up and down Via Toledo. There you can find some Italian shops, restaurants and the best ice cream in the city: Mennella Il Gelato.


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