Amalfi Coast With Kids

Before you go – deciding where to stay:

There are many options along the Amalfi Coast. Most people stay in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi. Each town has a different feel. If you are traveling with children, I would recommend staying in Amalfi.


Reasons for staying in Amalfi

  • smaller
  • family friendly
  • beach is the most kid-friendly (sandy & no waves)
  • everything is right at your doorstep
  • no nightlife (Calm and quiet at night)


I, personally would recommend staying at this airbnb



Reasons for staying in Positano

  • biggest out of all the towns along the Amalfi coast
  • has a beach (rocky)
  • more hip and busy
  • has a nightlife


Getting there:

The way we got to the Amalfi coast was by taking a train from Rome (stops in Naples) to Salerno and then we hopped on a ferry from Salerno to Amalfi. The ferries are frequent, safe, relatively quick and big – you won’t have a difficult time bringing in a stroller or luggage. The ferry ride is a very scenic one. Try to get a window spot (or go on the roof-top!) and have your camera prepared. If you are doing a longer trip through Italy or Europe you can leave some luggage stored at the Salerno train station (€5 a piece per day). Due to the amount of stairs in Amalfi and Positano, I would only bring what is essential.


*Ferry ride is €8 for an adult and €6 for children. (children 2 and under are free)  Luggage is €1.50 per piece.

An alternative to the ferry bought is getting a taxi or hiring a private car to take you. There is only one road that goes through the Amalfi Coast. Hiring a car will be at least €100 or more. If there is a car accident or just a lot of traffic, expect to sit there for a very long time!



Things to do in Amalfi

I personally think the beach in Amalfi is the best for kids.  Nice sandy beach and barely any waves. You can try to find some space at the small area reserved for the public beach or you can pay about €20 (prices vary according to season) to use an umbrella/beach chair for the day. On the private part of the beach you also have access (at a cost) to hot showers, foods and beverages.


Amalfi is less touristy than Positano but you will find many souvenir shops that will attract your in interests. There is also many gelatorias. I recommend trying a Sicilian lemon granita (Italian version of slushy) it is so good you will not want to share with your kids.


Things to do in Positano

When arriving in Positano, you will see the beach right as you get off the ferry. Not as nice as Amalfi in terms of the sand. You will want to wear sandals to reach the water due to the rocks. But from the water, it has the most beautiful view.  This is where everyone takes the “Positano picture”. I would recommend going to the beach in the morning or later in the afternoon because the sun can feel very hot in the early afternoon in the summers.


You can take a break from the beach and go through the streets of Positano. It is much bigger and more touristy than Amalfi. It  is a good place to do some handcrafts shopping. You will find dozens of beautiful handmade ceramic stores where you can buy all types of house utensils from wine stoppers, olive oil pourers, to full sets of dishes, bowls, vases and even furniture! All of the stores are able to ship worldwide.

 While exploring Positano follow the main avenue up the hill (very few stairs, bring the stroller!) and get to the place where all the beautiful pictures are taken. Restaurants up there are a better option if you want to dine with a view. The most famous and instagramable restaurant is the Syranuse, inside a boutique luxury hotel, but you will find many others not as expensive (and not as chic).








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