4 Days In Amalfi Coast Itinerary

Before you go – deciding where to stay:

  • Everything really depends on where you are staying. While some people prefer to find a place in Sorrento, it’s just not the same as finding a cute bed and breakfast right in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.
  • Having Amalfi as your base makes everything much easier especially if you have kids. A break from the beach when it is too hot outside? Your room is just a few staircases away. It also makes going back to your hotel/bnb at night much simpler than to go all the way back to Sorrento by boat. And in case you are too tired to go out and have dinner at a restaurant just have your husband grab a delicious to go meal at one of the many restaurants in Amalfi (all of them are prepared for this type of demand). The bonus of this choice is that you probably get to eat dinner with a wonderful view from your terrace. Most accommodation options in Amalfi have a balcony or terrace with astounding views.
  • The other legitimate alternative would be to stay at Positano. I would recommend staying here for couples without kids. Bigger and more commercial, Positano is more of a hip place in comparison with Amalfi, that boasts more of a family vibe to me. The beach is also more kid-friendly in Amalfi. Whatever your decision is Amalfi and Positano are without a doubt the top-2 avaliable options.

Getting there:

  • My favorite way to get to the Amalfi Coast is to get a fast train all the way to Salerno and then hop on a ferry from Salerno to Amalfi. The ferries are frequent, safe, relatively quick and big – you won’t have a difficult time bringing in a stroller or luggage.
  • The ferry ride is a very scenic one. Try to get a window spot (or go on the roof-top!) and have your camera prepared.
  • Due to the amount of stairs in Amalfi and Positano bring only what is essential. If you are doing a longer trip through Italy or Europe you can leave some luggage stored at the Salerno train station (€5 a piece per day).



Day 1 – Amalfi

Once you are settled in grab your sun lotion and head to the beach. Without waves, the Mediterranean Sea is perfect for kids. You can try to find some space at the small area reserved for the public beach or you can pay about €20 (prices vary according to season) to use an umbrella/beach chair for the day. On the private part of the beach you also have access (at a cost) to hot showers, foods and beverages.


After getting some of that vitamin sea, try a Sicilian lemon granita (Italian version of slushy) it is so good you will not want to share with your kids. Explore the streets of Amalfi, there is so much to do, to see and to taste!


Day 2 – Positano



Get an early start and head off to Positano. Bigger and more commercially developed than Amalfi, this is a good place to do some handcrafts shopping. You will find dozens of beautiful handmade ceramic stores where you can buy all types of house utensils from wine stoppers, olive oil pourers, to full sets of dishes, bowls, vases and even furniture! All of the stores are able to ship worldwide. You can also check out the beach here, we found it to be slightly less interesting than the one in Amalfi, but if you go to Positano and don`t take the “Positano picture” by the beach..did you even go to Positano?


While exploring Positano follow the main avenue up the hill (very few stairs, bring the stroller!) and get to the place where all the beautiful pictures are taken. Restaurants up there are a better option if you want to dine with a view. The most famous and  most instagramable restaurant is the Syranuse, inside a boutique luxury hotel, but you will find many others not as expensive (and not as chic).



Day 3 – Capri

There are different ways to get to Capri. You can get a ticket for a regular ferry and explore the island on your own or take a private/group tour that will take you on a faster boat and have an organized day filled with activities that you get to pick and choose. Some of the activities included are a trip all the way up to Monte Solaro and a boat ride to the magical Grotta Azzurra.

  • Buy your tickets or hire your tours at least one night prior to avoid last minute hustles and allowing yourself some time to make the best decision regarding all available options.
  • Prior to purchasing tickets, inquire about infant/toddler life jackets and storage space for the stroller on the boats.



Day 4 – Ravello (Almafi)

If your kids are like mine you will probably want to skip Ravello and enjoy one more easy day at the beach in Amalfi or even in Positano. There is something relaxing about staying on the beach having restaurants and everything you need just a couple of steps away. But if you feel like exploring for half a day or more, you can check out Ravello!

Ravello is not by the beach but offers some incredible ocean views. You can only get there by car/bus, hiring a tour might be the best option to explore this romantic cliff-top city. Check out Villa Cimbrone, Villa Rufolo and also the magnificent contemporary Auditorium by Brazilian design legend Oscar Niemeyer.




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