10 Products That Make Traveling With Kids Easier


1. Skip Hop Kids Luggage With Wheels


Many people recommend getting the Trunki ride on suitcase but I would advise against it. The quality isn’t that great, it seems to be cheaply made. It also is difficult for kids that are older than 3 to ride on it. I would highly recommend the Skip Hop kids luggage. So far it has lasted us four years and it is still going strong. When we are in a rush at the airport or our son doesn’t feel like pulling his luggage, it is very easy to just throw on our back. I like that it has a small zipper in from for smaller things like crayons and snacks. Most kids suitcases only have the main compartment. There are many options of animals to choose from besides the unicorn.

Price- $33.56     Amazon



2. Snug Play+ headphones


If you are looking for a quiet car/plane ride, the Snug Play+ headphones are a great option. The comfortable earphones automatically have a limited volume to protect your kid’s ears. They also can connect to another set of earphones, so two people can watch the same device.  The great thing about the Snug Play+ headphones is that they fold up to fit in your carry-on and there are 14 different colors to choice from. (made for ages 3-9)

Price- $17.95    Amazon



3.Wapwap Inflatable Footrest


How did I ever travel with my kids before using this product?! The Wap Wap is amazing. Basically it is an inflated footrest that makes it so your little one can lay down and sleep. Every time we fly, I have a flight attendant asking where I got it and how genius it was. It can be inflated by using the overhead air vent to inflate it. It just takes a minute or so to set up or fold up. This is a MUST if you have an international flight or an overnight flight.

Price- $29.99    Amazon



4. Micro Scooter


This is a new must for us. We had a friend tell us that we needed to bring our son’s scooter to Europe with us. She told me about how she ended up having to carry her two year old the whole time because her 4 year old was too tired to walk. I am so glad I listened and we decided to bring ours along. Our boys (4.5 and 2.5) took turns alternating between the travel stroller and the scooter. Not once did either one of them complain of being tired even though we were walking close to 10 km a day around different cities. If you feel like you can’t trust your child, I would recommend just putting the handle bar higher for you to hold onto. It is comfortable to walk while holding onto it when your little one is riding. The scooter also comes apart and can fit into your luggage. We haven’t had a problem with an airline telling us we can’t take it aboard a flight.

Price- $139.99   Amazon


5. Mi-fold


Once your child is able to use a booster, I would recommend leaving your booster at home and traveling with a Mi-fold. The Mi-fold is the most compact and portable booster seat on the market. It is 10x smaller than a normal booster seat and just as safe. It meets the  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard: FMVSS 213 as defined by NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Instead of boosting your child up, It does the opposite. It lowers the seat belt to fit properly on your child. This is a great option if you are doing a miss of traveling and you don’t want to carry your booster seat all over the place.

Price- $37.39  Amazon



6. Tablet and cover



We have a rule in our family. The kids do not get their tablets at home. We try being ‘good’ and not letting them have too much screen time. We decided to buy the tablets for trips and long car rides to the grandparents. You can fill them with many educational games and apps. We tend to pull them out on long plane rides, restaurants while we wait for our food or sometimes when we just want to have a cocktail in the afternoon and the kids need a break from all the walking around and activities.  The case is perfect for younger children. It is not only covered in back, but has a cover for the front. My kids have have tested the covers to no end and they are very durable!

Price- Case: $19.99   Amazon



7. Insulated Food Jar


Insulated food jars are great for kids when you are traveling. You never know when they are going to be hungry. Its great to always have a little bit of food along. The containers keep food warm for up to seven hours and cold for around five. It even comes with a built-in spoon/fork for on-the-move meal. Tip- great to put leftovers in, when the kids don’t finish the meal!

Price- $17.99    Amazon


8. Discovery Kids Digital Camera


I wish we had bought one of these before we went on our long trip to Europe. Our oldest was constantly asking to use our camera and take photos. I would recommend finding a cheaper digital camera that your kids can use. This one is a great option because it is made for kids. Easy grip and only the important buttons the kids need.

Price- $59.99   Best Buy


9. Lego Classic Rainbow Fun Building Kit



This is great for toddlers and even adults. We always take a box with us when we travel. Once opened, you can just store in a plastic container. These are great to pull out on planes or while you are waiting for your food at a restaurant. There are many different small boxes to chose from, you typically can make three different objects. The rainbow box comes with more.

Price- varies but typically around $5 USD


10. Crayola Color Wonder Pad And Markers


If your little ones love to color, the Crayola Color Wonder pad and markers are the perfect thing to bring along. It is mess free. The colors only show up on the special paper. No chances of ruining the table or airplane trays. It is a great way to entertain kids while they need to be seated. You can typically find it at a Walmart or Target.

Price- varies


Disclaimer: I do not make any money if you buy the products from the links I have attached. I really like the products and believe they are the best. I just posted a link to make it easier for the reader to buy!

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