Amsterdam With Kids

The Venice of the North. Amsterdam is a city that is easy to fall in love with. When we began our month long trip, I was really excited about Paris and Venice. But let me tell you, Amsterdam wowed us! I would have never guessed how kid friendly it was. It is well worth the visit!


Where to stay:

Hotel Sebastian’s

We absolutely loved this boutique hotel. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Amsterdam. Great location, amazing concierge, and thoughtful touches. We stayed in the Luxury family room. It had two big beds, table with 4 chairs, huge bathroom, tons of room for the kids to play around, and an enclosed outdoor space for them to run.  When we arrived, they had a little silver rubber duck waiting for my youngest on his bed. Compared to most hotels in Amsterdam, this one is very reasonably priced. Everything in Amsterdam is expensive, even airbnb! Make sure to book far in advance, they are usually 97% occupied.

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Best way to explore the city:

The best way to see this amazing city is by bicycle. I recommend renting it for your whole stay in Amsterdam. This city was made to get around on bicycles. It is very safe and easy to get everywhere you need to go. We rented our bikes through Frederic rent a bike. Located only a block away from Hotel Sebastian’s, it made our life easier. Plus, they are better priced than most of the other rental companies in Amsterdam.



What to do with kids:



We ended up going to Vondelpark every day of our trip in Amsterdam. In the summer, it’s a perfect place for kids to cool down. They have a pool that is maybe only a foot deep with fountains and stepping stones. The kids were able to play in the pool while we laid under the trees and relaxed. Besides the kiddy pool, you will find so much more here. They have restaurants, playgrounds, paths leading to ponds and a trail around the whole park. Best way to get there is by bike. This park is enormous!


Kid Cruise

There are many options of cruises to see the canals in Amsterdam but this is the only one made for kids! The 75 minute Blue Boat “Wanted: Fresh Pirates cruise” has an interactive audio story that comes with a booklet that has games, pencils and a pair of pirate binoculars. At the end of the cruise they will become a certified Freshwater Pirate!




Amsterdam is filled with great museums. The one thing I really wanted to do during our visit was to visit the Anne Frank House (Tickets here). You MUST buy your tickets a few months in advance. You cannot just decide while you are there to go. They only allow a certain amount of people in per day. You will be able to go through every room in the house. It gets pretty crowded. If you have small kids I would recommend going without them. My husband and I decided to take turns. He had the kids in the morning and I was able to explore the city and go to the museum and in the afternoon we switched. You can take the kids to the park while the other parent has their turn checking out the museums. This worked out perfectly and took away all the stress of taking the kids to museums and trying to get them to be quiet all day.


Other museums worth checking out:


Van Gogh Museum

Rembrandt House Museum


Where to eat:


the seafood bar

I wasn’t expecting to eat seafood in Amsterdam, so this little place surprised me. Great menu, kid-friendly and good prices. The kids ended up splitting a fish and chips and my husband and I had the tower of seafood. We highly recommend this place to anyone who plans to visit!

The Pancake Bakery

If you are going to the Netherlands, pancakes must be on the menu at least once a day! The Pancake Bakery is by far our favorite place to have pancakes. They have every savory and sweet combination imaginable. There is always a line out the door!

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