Making the most of 24 hours In Brussels

Maneken Pis, Grand-Place, St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels Park and Royal Palace of Brussels

It is hard to plan a nice day in a city that averages more than 200 rainy days per year. Nevertheless, the best way to start off your 24 hours in Brussels is by tasting some delicious authentic Belgian waffles. Believe me, the rest of your day will get much better after that! If you would like a sit down restaurant you can check the Waffle Factory out, but with small kids I normally prefer to grab something like this on the go.

*Always choose a waffle place that makes it right when you order! Don’t fall for a place that has many waffles on display as they aren’t as fresh, warm and delicious as the ones right off the oven.


Make your way to the Maneken Pis. It is one of the most overrated monuments in Europe, but it is RIGHT THERE. So close to the city center that you might as well go see it. Despite the high touristic appeal it is also a good region to buy cheap souvenirs. Plenty of magnet options to choose from here.


Walk about five minutes and you are at the Main Square (Grand-Place) of Brussels. You can see different architectural styles in this beautiful cobblestone former medieval market place.


Are you feeling hungry yet? Try delicious mussels at Chez Leon. This is a must go. This huge restaurant is super kid friendly and kids eat FREE. Sit down and enjoy a good Belgian beer with your food. We didn’t find reservations to be necessary.


From the restaurant walk up hill (8 minutes) to the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral.


Hopefully the rain is over by now and you can enjoy a nice afternoon at the Park. There is a nice playground for kids of all ages and you can let them use some energy (and recharge yours!) before the last sight of the day. The Royal Palace of Brussels is so beautiful that this should be your last memory of this city. We didn’t go inside but you can visit it for free during summer.






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